The Past In Present (Good Friends 2010)

by You Blew It

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This EP was recorded at The Tabernacle Studios in Naples, FL during one very uncharacteristically cold December in 2009. It was released to critical acclaim by my parents.


released August 3, 2010

Engineered and produced by Derek Perry.
Mastered by Darren Nuhfer.



all rights reserved
Track Name: Hope It's Not A Deposit Bottle!
Find myself a city to live in. The seasons are changing and I’m glaring at the night no matter where I’m staying. And the city sleeps while it’s dark in the daytime and leaves are dying in this ghost town.
Track Name: LB Jefferies
The night’s gone now I’m knee-deep in the thoughts that make my head grow from all my fleeting firsts and the things I want to, but I’ve never done, and I still say I will. I’m just one word of a thousand others asking, “has anything ever been real?”
Track Name: To The Moon
Don’t look just yet, but your pride is showing through. Keep your eyes straight. The scenery will change with you. The cloudy skies are threatening, and I’m tied down by copper wire. We’re falling. A tidal wave is building, it’s swelling under your ocean (your skyline is changing). Don’t leave home.
Track Name: Kevin, You're Such A Disease
Why can’t I just let things go where I’m standing alone? But I can’t take it back, what’s done is dead, but I’m hoping we’ll change. What’s done is dead. I just want to rest while the city is burning. I won’t sleep tonight. I won’t let go. Too much reality can burn a city down, but I won’t let go. The city is burning.
Track Name: Sneaky Fuckin' Russian
When was the last time I saw your face, the true one that’s hidden these days? But Godspeed, because we all know you’re always in control. Can you see? Because I’m sure as hell you can’t speak.
Track Name: Saddle Up, San Antonio
At the start of the day, you’re just young words and a young friend; in easier words, a new friend. Well, here’s your chance, don’t screw up. All the best I can recall, I’d give up to rewrite a page or two, your name in lieu. You never saw all that you missed. But honestly, I’m at a point where I’d give it up for this. At the end of the day, you’re just great words, a great friend; in simpler words, a best friend.
Track Name: Sorry 'bout That
These lights the past two nights are rising up into the sky, their coils burning bright. Concentrating crossing hairs and filaments. Now I know I’m not alone in feeling as light as air. We think for ourselves and no one else. We live for ourselves and no one else. As Florida seeps into dawn, these nights stay on my mind.