by You Blew It

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This EP was recorded in some apartments across Orlando during the spring of 2009. One time I burned one of these on a CD and hid it in Newbury Comics and I'm pretty sure someone threw it away.


released April 1, 2009

All of the songs on this EP were written by Tanner Jones, Timothy Flynn, and Matt Messore.



all rights reserved
Track Name: Kevin, You're Such A Disease
Why can't I just let things go where I'm standing alone?
But I can't take back what's done is dead.
But I'm hoping we'll change.
I just want to rest while the city is burning.
I won't sleep tonight.
I won't let go.
Too much reality can burn a city down.
I won't let go.
"The city is burning."
Track Name: Goodbye AM
I couldn't say I'd had enough.
I just had some bad luck for a couple of years.
And if you're looking for a reason to hate me, well go ahead.
I couldn't save you when I needed the time alone.
Stay if you can, and leave in the morning.
Goodbye AM
Track Name: Hope It's Not A Deposit Bottle!
I'll find myself a city to live in.
The seasons are changing, and I'm glaring at the night no matter where I'm staying.
And the city sleeps while it's dark in the day time, and the leaves are dying in this ghost town.
Track Name: Just To Make A Sound
Playing records through the night and staring at the moon light.
I've never felt so calm, and that's all I'll ever need.